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When we say we have some UNREAAAAAL designs for 2019, we REALLY have some UNREAL  DESIGNS FOR 2019 😍🔥  We’ve been trying, testing, designing and creating some exclusive WR fabrics - and we have some super sassy and unique designs currently underway.  

We have fallen in LOVE with what we have created and can’t wait to show you all in the new year!

As some of you may know, our designs are made in house by Chloe herself.  So this means in order to design, sample, produce stock as well as update our website and prep for the launches, We need to make sure we are 10000000% focused.  That’s why we have decided to temporarily close our website and dedicate the next few weeks into planning and prepping so we fully have ya backs next year 😘

Wanna be one of the first to receive sneak peaks, release dates and more? Pop us a message on our ‘contact us’ form (you can find this at bottom of the page) and we will add you to our 2019 design mailing list! 

See you soon girls! WE. CANT. WAITTTTT! ❤️