LOVEWILDROSE is committed to becoming a more sustainable brand.  As we continue to grow, we are aware of the importance of continuing our journey in a more sustainable way.  Already we are committed by:

Releasing small collections throughout the year, rather than weekly releases. We keep a very close eye on our stock quantities, especially of current stock before new launches.  This enables us to keep waste to a minimum.

We ensure we use all current rolls of fabrics before discontinuing / releasing new stock.

Each item is made in-house, and we carry out vigorous quality checks before sending an item.  Meaning we reduce the likelihood of returns and waste.

We hold seasonal discounted sample sales, meaning our samples during the design process will not be thrown away and will go to a loving home.

We continue to source sustainable packaging and brainstorming ways to reduce the use of plastic. 

Our mailing bags are made from 100% biodegradable materials.

We do not package our clothing in clear plastic bags, instead items are wrapped in recyclable paper.

We do not include printed receipts / packing slips in our parcels to save paper.  (Customers can access their order information online / on their email confirmation instead.)

As LOVEWILDROSE continues to grow, we aim to implement more steps for a more sustainable brand and aim to review how we can improve regularly.